✦Needy Nigella✦

An experimental game series venturing on the embodiment experience of a plant or its gardener

Project Overview

Inspired by digital pets such as the 90s Tamagotchi and 00s Moshi Monsters, Needy Nigella is an experimental series surrounded around a plant that requires attention to survive.  Presented as a game, the user plays different roles in the survival of Nigella, the plant, with food and water available to feed it. Each branch was about changing a part of the assemblage (input, outputs, software and wetware) and reflecting on the embodied experience of interacting  and creating the branch.  The branches embark on themes and analysis of avatars, control, empathy and my personal journey of learning.

My role

Solo Designer


-Adobe Illustrator
-Adobe Photoshop


July 2021- October 2022


Four websites that all offer observations of different aspects of the experience.

Branch One

As the first branch, it follows the creation of the game assets including Needy Nigella, the plant, and the intention to anthromorphise it to instil greater empathy. Especially, as this game is a first person perspective of a caretaker responsible for nursing the plant.

Branch Two

This branch explores the concept of avatars. Needy Nigella becomes the avatar of the user and therefore an extension of them. The user gains the control to decide when they want food, water or to die. It delve into the complexity of the relationship between an embodied image and the user, particularly exploring control and connection.

Branch Three

This is a version of Branch One, but focuses on a different part of the assemblage, sound. It centres around implementing sound and how it is used as a tool to evoke the different emotions Nigella feels.

Branch Four

The goal of this branch was to take inspiration from other projects to decide the area of experimentation. The chosen element was creating a menu scene and adding some user interface to make things cohesive and portray the approachable, wholesome game I want it to first appear to be.