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✦Inclusive 70s Ads✦

Reimagining 70s posters under a xenofeminist lens

Project overview

Xenofeminism is an extension of feminism that can be characterised by its consideration for digital technology such as supporting the freedom, equality and protection of everyone in the digital space. Another considerable factor is that it is a feminism that includes the ‘the queer and trans among us’ and people of all ‘races, ability, economic standing…’ These three posters were created in the style of 1970s ads, which although visually extravagant because of the Pop Art movement, was commonly centred around heteronormative,  Eurocentric or sexist ideals. The ads above were made to reinterpret 70s ads under a xenofeminist lens.

My role

Solo designer


-Adobe Illustrator


October 2021


3 posters